About Us

There are many things we love about our community: the mid-century modern architecture, the large tree-lined streets, the families who greet one another as they gather to watch children play or walk through the neighborhood. And we love our neighborhood school. With over 100 years of history, some of the current student’s parents and grandparents attended our school during their childhood. Walnut Hill Elementary was originally founded by parents and neighbors who lived in our community back in 1916. It became a part of DISD in 1946, but remains today first and foremost a community school.

The Walnut Hill Elementary Learning Community is comprised of students, families, neighbors, friends, teachers, and administrators working together with a single purpose: to provide educational opportunities for all our children, develop lasting friendships among them, and instill in them the values of character, service, and responsibility they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Like the walnut trees that defined our neighborhood back when our school was first created, there are many branches that make up the Walnut Hill Elementary Learning Community. One of the oldest groups is the Dad’s Club (Originally the Do-Dads). The Dad’s club built the house the PTA owns that sits across from the school and is used by the Boy Scouts, and other PTA groups.

All students, families, and neighborhood residents are invited to join the Walnut Hill PTA. Please help us maintain and grow our historical community school.