Gifted and Talented

Walnut Hill Elementary specializes in gifted and talented education. All Walnut Hill teachers are certified Gifted and Talented teachers. In 2018, Walnut Hill pioneered the first two-way dual-language gifted and talented program in DISD in which selected gifted and talented students are grouped together and instructed in English 50% of the time and in Spanish the remaining 50% of the time. Within this program, all subjects are taught in both English and Spanish.

On October 2nd, 2019, DISD administrators, board members, school administration, teachers, and parents met to discuss a potential middle school extension of the dual language TAG program at E.D. Walker middle school. E.D. Walker is an Office of Innovation and Transformation (OTI) school with physical space, resources, and a unique pathways educational architecture that presents an opportunity to continue the dual-language TAG program for Walnut Hill Elementary graduates through middle school. This opportunity is still in it’s early planning stages. Parents who are interested in learning more about it or in volunteering to help with it’s planning should contact the school administration. Below is a copy of the material that was presented and discussed at this meeting.