COVID Updates

When will on-site learning begin?
  • School year begins on 9/8/2020 and ends on 6/18/2021
  • All learning within DISD will be conducted virtually until at least 10/6/2020.
  • Based on local COVID-19 data and in collaboration with the Dallas County Health & Human Services, the Board of Trustees and Superintendent of Schools have elected to begin school 100% virtually for the first four instructional weeks.
  • The Board of Trustees may possibly extend 100% virtual school for an additional four weeks
  • Even though school begins on 9/8/2020, it is possible that we could be 100% virtual for the first 8 weeks of instruction which would be early November.
  • If COVID-19 cases rise or remain high, the Local Education Agency may apply for a waiver from the T.E.A to remain virtual and still be able to keep their funding.
What are the campus re-entry plans?
Will parents be notified if there is a positive case of COVID-19 at school?

It is against the law for the district to release or identify the names of students or staff who have tested positive for the virus. However, if a positive case is confirmed at your campus, Health Services will begin contact tracing to determine who the student or staff may have come in close contact with. If it is determined that your child was a close contact, you will be notified and given detailed instructions for next steps. Depending on the extent of the contact tracing results, a number of actions could occur, including dismissing entire groups of students, classes, or in worst cases, closing a school for a designated period of time.

How will recess work?

Elementary school classroom teachers may have students switch their face shields for masks, as that may be easier for students while outside. If students are more than six feet apart, masks and/or shields are not required, and if they are within six feet, masks/shields are required. Walnut Hill at Royal Ln has plenty of space and can establish rotations for students in multiple areas to maintain physical distancing. Students will need to wear PPE, but a cool-off station will also be identified for students who need a break from their PPE.

What steps are being taken to ensure cafeteria safety.
  • All breakfast will be provided and served in classrooms with students engaging in a sanitation routine to obtain supplies, PPE, and breakfast. Teachers will place breakfast on student desks to mitigate risk of transmission.
  • Students may wear masks or shields to the cafeteria for lunch, whichever works better for them. The cafeteria tables will have dividers, so masks/shields are not required to be worn while eating. Students will eat in bubble groups, minimize movement, and maintain physical distancing within groups at designated tables.
    No outside visitors are permitted for lunch.
What physical changes are being made to the building to keep students and staff safe?

Based on our campus re-entry playbook, we are currently drafting our safety plans to ensure that we ensure our plans are effective. We are seeking feedback from teachers, DISD Health Services, colleagues, parents, and health professionals in our learning community. Please reach out to SBDM if you would like to connect and provide feedback.

What is the process for involving teachers, parents, and administrators?
  • The CILT Team meets on 8/13 to discuss and solidify plans
  • A feedback survey was given to teachers with 29 out of 36 staff members responding
  • Our network principals are invited to serve on the re-entry task force
  • Ms. Ramos served on the district-wide teacher task force for instruction feedback
  • WHE hosted a virtual Parent Meeting & Questionnaire
  • WHE has create a Safety Committee
What is the face-to-face instructional model?
Are students required to wear a mask/PPE?

Yes. Two options are provided as well as plexiglass dividers, increased handwashing, and safety routines.

What are considerations for the distance learning model?

Instruction will be asynchronous for distance learning (This means it will not be continuous. There will be breaks throughout.), but different and more structured from last spring. The district is considering several learning configurations through the lens of equity to utilize on campuses. Teachers and administrators have provided feedback on these to district leadership. More information is forthcoming. Attendance will be taken daily at 2pm. Office hours held by staff , daily class meetings, and check-ins are non-negotiable.

What are the factors affecting face-to-face or distance learning?
How will you support two-way dual language in learning models?

In the face-to-face implementation, students will remain in their classrooms and teachers will rotate to students (English/Spanish). English and Spanish asynchronous learning modules will be built into the instructional model for distance learning.

What about Special Education services?

Several practices best practices to both settings (virtual and F2F). However, IEPs developed in ARDs will ensure that student services are received, and situations that may have an impact on services will be considered case-by-case and may result in additional ARD committee meetings to discuss next steps for providing student services. Our campus will evaluate student needs and services in accordance with the TEA and Dallas ISD Special Education Services Department.