About SBDM

In Texas, the focus of all district and campus planning and decision making is to improve the performance of all students. The ultimate purpose of all planning and decision making in schools is to attain the state’s educational goals of equity and excellence in achievement for all students.

Through an integrated process, the principals, teachers, campus staff, parents, community, and business representatives assess educational outcomes of all students, determine goals and strategies, ensure that strategies are implemented with fidelity and adjusted to improve student achievement, guide student development, and improve school operations. The WHE SBDM Committee shall serve in the role defined by the Board in the campus-level and decision-making policy [see BQ(LOCAL)].

In addition to meeting its specific statutory responsibilities, the purpose of the SBDM is to function in an advisory capacity to the school principal to enhance the level of student success through

  • increased student, parent, staff, and community involvement in the educational process at WHE, and
  • active involvement with the school’s principal and faculty in developing, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of an effective Campus Improvement Plan (CIP).