Dimple Sureka


Phillip Potter

School Principal

Kristina Collings-Hill

Assistant Principal

Florence Durant

Vice Chair

Rachael Barton


Michelle Atkins

School Counselor

Joanna Rabourn

Coordinated School Health Chairperson

Attendance Chairperson

Courtney Fadley

Middle School Chairperson

Karen Liu Pang, Neel Shetti

Transformation and Education Steering Chairpersons

Rachael Barton, Amanda Ylitalo

Virtual Learning Chairpersons

Amy McMahon, Rachel Roberts-Pickett, Perla Diaz

Communications Chairpersons

Bonnie Downing

School Community Engagement Chairperson

Doug Durant, Janette St. John

WHE School Transition and Facilities Chairpersons

Community Outreach Chairperson