SBDM Subcommittees

Evaluation and Modification

  • Ensures staying on track with the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • Reviews the budget
  • Works on innovative school opportunities

Coordinated School Health

  • Looks beyond just academics on how we can educate the whole child and support student growth and learning.
  • Includes how to best implement Leader in Me practices and teaching.
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Safety-Identifying carpool best practices and traffic flow.


  • Looks at our enrollment and attrition data.
  • Understands our community of students and where they reside.
  • Examines who is leaving, when, why, and where they are going.
  • Summarizes findings to help define the next strategy for retention and growth of our program and the questions for parent survey.

Middle School

  • Responsible for development of new middle school curriculum.

Transformation and Education Steering

  • Leads efforts relating to the development of new transformational school.

Responsible for aiding Principal Potter in the completion of all District requirements. Committee Members: WHE CILT, Dawson Orr (Former Superintendent of Highland Park ISD, SMU Professor), Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, Executive Director, Angie Torres, United To Learn, Pending Membership: Univision.

Virtual Learning

  • Responsible for monitoring the efficient and effective roll-out of WHE virtual learning.

Coordinates with WHE facility and staff to aid in the development of effective support student and parent communities to ensure academic success and achievement in the virtual learning environment.


  • Responsible for all SBDM communications and correspondence.

Will coordinate with other WHE communications liaisons to ensure SBDM information is translated and properly disseminated.

School Community Engagement

  • Parents outreach

Creates a plan for inclusivity and promoting parent involvement in education and on campus.

Builds parent-teacher, student-teacher, and family-school relationships

  • Parent Survey

Plans and creates survey, administers and reviews data to be utilized to understand our strengths and weaknesses from parent perspectives. Results can feed into campus needs assessment.

WHE School Transition and Facilities

  • Responsible for tracking progress and providing input on the new
    building construction.
  • Determining needs, monitoring renovation progress, and highlighting issues of concerns at Tom Field temporary location.

Community Outreach

Creates a plan to reach out to area businesses and agencies for partnerships that may include SBDM involvement, sponsorship of activities, supporting educational initiatives, volunteers on campus, and career day. Explores how area businesses would like to engage with our campus. Connects with businesses/neighbors and works on ways to develop partnerships.

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Academic Success

  • Campus Instructional Leadership Team (CILT)

Analyzes campus data and identifies gaps in instruction and areas of strength. Works as a team to create strategies to overcome those gaps.